download qtool v3.41 (for mirc 6.02 or greater!)
download qtool v3.44 update (requires qtool v3.41)
download qtool v2.91 (for mirc 5.9 or greater)
download pbweb v1.4 (supported by qtool v3.4 or greater)

qtool is a q3 (and rtcw) server browser for mirc. yes, i know there are several other scripts like this, but i missed some options, so i decided to write my own one.
this one now works like the other browsers (eg mircscout and arenascout). in addition you can post lifestats of current running clanwars. if another user is posting lifestats you can get infos about the war by typing "!qtls info". "!qtls stop" will stop running lifstats (eg if someone forgot to turn them off).
if you are playing, qtool will react on the most popular commands "!qc", "!qt", "?as", and "?q3post" to post the server you are on.
for all the other features i added untill now (eg. compact mode, browser, rcon...) read the readme or just try qtool.

screenshots (still qtool v3.2): qtool compact browser rcon setup

please report any bug to me:


Script: qtool V3.44 update from V3.41 Author: Quetzal (quetzal@planetentropy.de) Requirements: qtool V3.41, mIRC 6.02 32bit or greater (www.mirc.com) Install: - Unzip and qtool.mrc to your qtool folder (overwrite old qtool.mrc) New: V3.44 - added command line command to open qtool and connect to a server at once (this has been requested so that other scripts can connect to a server by qtool). Syntax: /qtopen [<ip:port>] [dc] Without parameters qtool is just opened. Specify ip/port to query the server and by using "dc" as parameter qtool will directly launch q3 (rtcw) and connect to the server. V3.43 - added horizontal scrollbar to rcon console - fixed: Error: /($LEFT($DID(QTOOL,17),3) is an unknown command. - fixéd some minor bugs - added some new maps/mods V3.42 - fixed: qtool did not set you back from away and change to old nick when q3 is not open while pressing "refresh" and some other bugs in qtool when it's using qtool.dll - GTV support. You can connect to q3 gtv-servers now with qtool - rcon can now opened without open qtool by: /rcon <server> <password> - DNS resolve for server adresses added in rcon --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Script: qtool V3.41 Author: Quetzal (quetzal@planetentropy.de) Requirements: mIRC 6.02 32bit (www.mirc.com) Install: - Unzip all files in your mirc directory (or subfolder) - launch mirc - type /load -rs qtool.mrc (or /load -rs <subfolder>\qtool.mrc) - Click Yes on dialog for initialization commands - Browse for your quake3.exe and complete the other Fields - If you have previously installed qtool 2.3 and edited "qtrcon.txt" do not overwrite it or make a backup first. Do the same with "favmods.txt" if you have installed qtool 2.4 or greater and edited the Servermods under "setup" (btw you can do this witch any *.txt file in your qtool directory to keep your settings) - If you have installed an older version of qtool (before 2.0) you can delete the qtserver*.txt files in your mirc directory or copy them first to the <mirc>\qtool\ folder to keep your favourites (or <mirc>\qtool\<subfolder>\) - enable dll use (options->General->Lock->Disable commands->/dll must be unchecked) Punkbuster note: There seems to be a bug in Punkbuster when joining a pb disabled server with pb disabled on client. So be sure to disable "Punkbuster automaticaly on connect" in setup/game. Otherwise you will get a connection interrupt if you have too much fps (somthing about > 80 fps). I did not remove this feature, because it is not a qtool bug!... New: v3.41 - added Enemy Territory support - added "!pw" replying. Clamates can get the Serverpassword by this. Works only in specified channel (setup) and if channel is key protected (+k) - minor bugfixes History: v3.4 - added Q3 console scan If enabled you can use this commands in the console: "\irc #channel message" to post a message in #channel "\irc nick message" to query nick "\qtool refresh" to refresh qtool if you have connected to another server by console command "\connect" (so qtool replies correct server on !qt,!qc etc.) "\qtool off" to turn Q3 console scan off - added LAN scanner in browser - qtool can now be placed is a subfolder under your mircfolder - added pbweb.exe support (you have to install pbweb.exe seperately) - qtool remembers your selection (q3 of rtcw) in browser/serverlist - "post server" now works in queries - keep set away in irc if you refresh qtool while still playing Q3 (in window mode) - you can now connect to another server by using qtool if you are in Q3 window mode - qtool sends a signal ("q3start"/"q3stop") if you start/stop playing (see "/signal" in mirc help if you want to use it for your own scripts) - added an edit box to specify custom name if you use "player names" - some changes in design - some minor features i don't remember...;-) - fixed known bugs History: v3.3 - added support for tga screenshots in screenshot preview - added support for PR 1.32 and Punkbuster - added whois to find out server locations - minor bugs fixed and some perfomance optimisation V3.2 - added a browser to view demos, screenshots and log files, copy/move/rename them and let qtool search for files that may belong together - added messenger to forward actions from irc to the your game client - added "Message to game" in the nicklist menu to send messages directly to other game clients - added ctool launch when ctool is installed - fixed bug when spaces appeared in path- or filenames V3.1: - added rcon features: - check and set important vars - send complete server configs to server by rcon (*.cfg files are in <mircdir>\qtool\rconconfigs\) Notes: send complete server configs: only lines that begin with "set" or "map" in the cfg files are send to server. All other lines will be ignored. V3.0: - added "replay only on channels" in setup. Use this if qtool should only reply on specified channels on !qt, !qc,... - added "compact"-mode ("<"-button) - added password request - added ICQ support: set ICQ "away","N/A"...(see setup) when you are connecting and back to previous status if you´re back again (click refresh or exit) - added "Connect as coach": runs quake with specified parameters and opens a coachtool if specified in setup - added lagometer - added history list for last 5 server that were pinged - minor bugs fixed and some perfomance optimisation Notes: Password request: If you specify a clanpassword in setup, other players can request the password of the server you are playing on (if your qtool is opened and server-pw has been entered). Of course they must have the same clanpassword to get it. You can ask for the serverpassword by using nicklist, right-button-menu -> qtool -> get pw (don't forget to mark the nickname first). If you specified a clanpassword and qtool is open, its listening on port 2111 for pw-requests. This open port is not a backdoor or trojan, its only listening for this requests as long as qtool is running. The port is closed when exiting qtool by the exit button (Its not closed if you use the "X", but it will close automatically if someone sends a request to you and your qtool is not open). If you are using a router/firwall... you have to forward port 2111 to use this feature. V2.91: - post server and life stats even in channels where +c is set (post without use of colors) Older notes: Setup: - Away Nick: If given qtool renames you when playing q3. Additional qtool can add the mod you are playing after your Nick - Additional Q3 Parameters: additional parameters for starting Quake. - Q3Names: If this is checked you can choose your Nick on connect. Add the nicks like they should be in Q3 (e.g. ^1P^2layer). - Away nick (on playing). Changes to old nick when closing qtool or refreshing. - Servermods are the mods listed in server lists under favourites - Passwordlist: Passwords given in this list appear in the password drop down menus in qtool - Battlecom: Browse for battleclient.exe to be able to connect to server by right click on person in nicklist who runs the server an select "QTool->Battlecom". (If gamevoice is installed you can connect by the same way. You don't have to specify the gamevoice file in setup) - If You have installed RTCW you can browse for your WolfMP.exe to use qtool for connecting to RTCW servers and use the RTCW Nick as away-nick. qtool: - Response to !qc !qt ?as and ?q3post if playing. After !qc !qt ?as and ?q3post you can specify a nickname (you can use wildcards) - Post selected Server by right mouse menu in channel. - "Update" to get Servers from the master servers given in the \qtool\masterserver.txt. "Refresh / Save" to get information about servers and save them. If you click on a not refreshed server, it will be refreshed after a second and saved. Use the "Show..." dialog ("Go"-button) to filter and show previously saved servers Click server to show in qtool window, double click to close masterlist. - Favourites list: Click server to show in qtool window, double click to close favourites. "Add" to add current server shown in qtool window (with given password). "Del" to delete selected Server in favourites list. "move up" and "move down" to move selected server in list - Lifestats on specified channel for OSP-Games: Lifstats can only be activated when blue and red score is given. Server is refreshed in the given period of time. If there is noch change in scores Lifestats will only be postest every 5 refreshes. The names of the teams/players and the postchannel can be edited under Lifestats even while lifstats are running. - Double click on posted IP in the channel window, to launch qtool with this IP. Hotlinks may not work correctly, if other tools with serverhotlinks are installed (eg mircscout, arenascout). - You can store new mappics in the \qtool\maps\ folder to show them with qtool. They have to be 80x60 jpgs and namend like the map. - There is a rcon-commander to configure your server with qtool. If you have given the correct rcon-password you can use this like an normal quake console. You can give your mostly used commands in \qtool\qtrcon.txt to appear in the drop down list. Note: you can´t see what the clients are saying on the server, but you can send them a message eg by using the "say" command. - If someone gives you a password in a channel by typing "pw:.." (or something similar) you can double click on "pw:" to use the password on the server which is given in qtool (qtool must be opened and IP must be specified, so first double click the server ip in channel) - Qtool now supports RTCW Please report bugs to quetzal@planetentropy.de